GRC facade panel is becoming one of most popular cladding material

GRC(GLASSFIBER REINFORED CONCRETE),also called GFRC, is made of glass fiber reinforced cement using Portland cement as gelatification matrix and anti alkali glass fiber as reinforcement by the process of spraying and moulding. GRC architectural and decorative units can be applied to the interior and exterior decoration of building,whose texture is almost similar to the natural stone . GRC decorative material has a lot of remarkable advantages, such as: light weight, high strength, durability, excellent mechanics performance, its durability can last for 50-100 years. GRC is becoming one of most popular cladding material in the construction industry.
GRC cladding panel can be made into different texture and surface finish, such as sandstone, slate, marble, relievo, aeolian holes etc. GRC material is also one of the most versatile building materials available to architects and engineers having only 20% of the weight of precast concrete, making it easier to handle on site and reducing loads on structures when in use. GRC is also strong with a higher tensile strength than precast concrete allowing thinner wall sections to be produced.