Fiberglass garden stakes and FRP tree stakes

Fiberglass garden stakes and FRP tree stakes

Model No.︰FRP002

Brand Name︰MAXWELL

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰US $ 0.15 / m

Minimum Order︰1000 m

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Product Description

Fiberglass garden stakes are made from high quality fiberglass and resin through pultrusion process, it is widely used as plant support for trees,vegetables,grapes,flowers etc. in the garden and farm.
In comparison with metal,wood metal etc. conventional material, fiberglass tree stakes have a lot of remarkable advantages,such as high strength, recyclable&environmentally friendly, corrosion resistant, weather-proof, no maintenance and easy fabrication, fire retardant and so on
Fiberglass tree stakes in different diameters are available ranging from 3mm to 30mm, different colours are also available upon request.

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